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- Railroad Network Upgrade
- National Railroad Company To Modernize

Ukrainian Train Travel To Become Easier And More Comfortable

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  • Ukrainian National Railway Company To Modernize, Implement Best Practice

  • Rapid Increase Of Online Train Ticket Sales In Ukraine

  • European Bank for Reconstruction And Development Finance Railway Modernization

  • Private Freight Trains Coming In Ukraine

  • Ukrainian Railroad Investments Expected To Grow 

Ukrainian Railway Company To Modernize

The Ukrainian national railway company, Ukrzaliznytsia, which is a state owned monopoly enterprise that run the railroad network as well as the train operations. The Ukrainian government has initiated a reform process of Ukrzaliznytsia to increase efficiency and comfortability for the passengers, and as the number of passengers traveling by train in Ukraine is enormous it will be no small feat to modernize the state run behemoth which has its roots in the Soviet Union. 

Ukrainian Railways Implement Best Practice, Cooperate With Deutsche BAHN
As a part of Ukrainian Railways’ ambition to modernize it has signed a memorandum with the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn and its subsidiary DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH. Ukrainian Railways will continue to look for management expertise from other suppliers too through a public tender process. 

Ukrainian National Railways, Ukrzaliznytsia, Increased Online Ticket Sales
During 2019 sales of online tickets by Ukrainian National Railways increased with 10 percent to reach a total of 57 percent of the 53 million railway tickets sold in Ukraine in 2019. Among the tickets sold online more than 330,000 was for the international rail routes between Ukraine and Poland.

EBRD TO Finance ModerniZation Of Ukrainian National Railways
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, will support the Ukrainian state railway company with 100 million US dollars for infrastructure projects according to Ukrzaliznytsia’s chairman Yevhen Kravtsov Emerging Europe reports. 

Private Freight Trains To Operate In Ukraine

The Ukrainian rail network has started to serve as a transit corridor for freight trains from China to the European Union. This is seen as positive from the side of the Ukrainian government who are themselves very interested in increasing Ukraine’s trade with China. 

The national railway operator in Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia, is now also considering to allow private rail freight operators to use its tracks.

As a part of the development with train freight transit thru Ukraine the national railway operator has also signed an agreement with China’s CRCC railroad construction company to further the development of the Ukrainian railway network

Future For Ukraine Railways And Train Travellers
Ukraine is a country that has had a rough ride over the last decade with an economy in slope while also being invaded by Russia but now the Ukrainian economy is on the rise again and modernization of the Ukrainian infrastructure is extremely important to reach the ambitious economic targets set by the Ukrainian government. 

In light of this we can expect a large number of infrastructure projects related to railways and train operations being launched over the coming years, as long as Ukraine continue to have the support of the European Union and the IMF. 

Especially we can expect the number of international connections from Ukraine to increase, be it night trains going west to the European Union, freight trains to and from China or high speed trains crossing Ukraine. 


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